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Extracted from Annual Report 2011

PANELZ is Design Studio's award winning in-house brand offering a wide variety of creative and customized furniture such as doors and door frames, kitchen and vanity cabinets and wardrobe systems to clients across Asia, USA and the Middle-East. PANELZ established an identity of excellence with innovative products of cutting-edge designs refl ective of brilliant style and form. Specially designed and crafted in veneer, paint, acrylic or laminate finishes, PANELZ products are visually arresting creations of fine workmanship. Customizable in a wide spectrum of colours and designs, it offers complete freedom and versatility for full scale development projects ranging from the luxury market to the mass market, bespeaking of quality, value, aesthetics and performance.

To see craft is to enter a world of wonderful things which can be challenging, beautiful, tactile, and extraordinary; i.FORMZ by Design Studio went beyond the ordinary and unlocked a new light to interior design to twirl creative ideas into veracity. Made exclusively with solid surfaces materials, i.FORMZ products can be shaped and transformed into any stature, size or texture and have the unique ability to realize even the most inspirational and challenging designs. A wide palette of colours complementing the inventive forms is readily made available to explore the nuances of depth and height. Because durability and affordability goes hand in hand with elegance and fl air, i.FORMZ products is the main preference for interior selections for commercial, hospitality and residential developments.